Top Quality Villaware Waffle Irons and Waffle Makers

Published: 30th March 2010
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Fusing high-quality performance and state-of-the-art features, waffle irons and waffle makers created by Villaware tops any other leading brands when it comes to fast baking of luscious Belgian waffles that surely cater sizeable families. You heard it right! As reflected in their reviews, consumers are truly grateful and happy of their Villaware wafflers not only because of its affordable price but also because of the fact that they now can do multi-tasking.

Nothing goes better than Villaware waffle irons as they are designed to be an ideal kitchen buddy that adds glam to your kitchen. Too, it does not consume space as it can be easily stored to small spaces when not in use.

Also noteworthy are the browning control settings that enable you to bake your waffles according to the desired crisp. Plus the wafflers can make deep pockets which are really good for some very delectable maple syrup or fresh fruits.

Here are some known models of Villaware waffle makers which consumers give their two thumbs up:

Villaware V2002 UNO Belgian Waffler-Round (This can make 7" round waffles which are 1" thick. Made from die cast aluminum, this model has a non-stick coating for easy clean-up. Have your Belgian waffles baked the way you want them because it has seven browning control setting.)

Villaware 2007 UNO Series Waffle Boat Iron (This model can make 6" round waffles that have boat-like shapes. It has indicator lights that tell you when to start baking and when waffles are already baked.)

Villaware V2001F UNO Farmyard Waffler (This model can make four waffles with farmyard shapes with deep pockets for holding delectable toppings and syrup.)

Villaware V2009 UNO Petite Flower Gravity Waffle Maker (Belgian waffles made by this model have beautiful floral shapes. This has seven browning control settings so you can have your preferred crispness.)

The models of waffle irons that are mentioned above are just some of the high quality wafflers superbly designed by Villaware. Other waffle makers include the following: VillaWare 2010 UNO Pro Belgian Gravity Waffler; Villaware UNO Reversible Belgian & Heart Waffle Maker; VillaWare V6150 4-Square Belgian Waffler/Multi-Baker, Stainless Steel; VillaWare V2008 UNO Six-Stick Waffle Maker; and VillaWare V2170 UNO 6 At-A-Time Waffler.

From waffles bearing flower shapes to farmyard-shapes, each model of Villaware waffle iron has been designed to perfectly suit specific needs. Guaranteed to have great performance, the Villaware wafflers demarcate the true essence of waffle making.

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